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Real World PDR Training like never seen before. No Gimmicks, NO BS. Just Real Training brought to you by industry leading Master Technician, Jim Mitchell

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Everything We Teach Comes From
Real World Experience

Teaching you how to repair the perfect dent in the perfect environment isn’t going to help you become a world class professional in the PDR industry. 

Our courses demonstrate how to repair real dents, on real cars, in real shop environments. We don’t just teach you concepts and theories. We demonstrate them on vehicles with owners who are counting on us to know what we’re talking about, just like your customers will, as you advance in your PDR career. 

If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for to start your PDR career or to take your PDR skills the the next level, check our our courses. 

Real World PDR Courses

pdr light
pdr work bench
glue post
pdr paddle
pdr hammer
dent tip
pdr bar

PDR 101

A Journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. This isn't just a step, but a leap into your PDR career, several videos covering everything from your first day, to the repair of your first dent. We are told by students this is the best they've ever seen the basics explained.

pdr online course

PDR Monthly

This is absolutely everything you could need to gain the knowledge to jumpstart your PDR career. Beginner to "super advanced" near impossible repairs covered here. Only 65 bucks gets you access to every one of our lessons including our newest and best content.

PDR 101 Workshop

Come learn everything you need to start doing PDR at this two-day event.

About Real World PDR

Real World PDR was born from the desire to teach people who want to get into the Paintless Dent Repair industry how to provide the best possible service to their customers. 

We don’t just show you how to repair a dent in a lab. We want you to be confident that the skills you learn with us Real World PDR will translate to real life. 

PDR is not easy, it will require a lot of practice and patience. But we’re with you every step of the way, from what tools you need to buy, all the way through the most advanced dents and creases. 

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