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This is absolutely everything you could need to gain the knowledge to jumpstart your PDR career. Beginner to “super advanced” near impossible repairs covered here. Get access to every one of our lessons including our newest and best content.

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Real World PDR Ultimate

Course curriculum

  • How to Use Real World PDR
  • PDR 101
  • Beginner – Light Crease Glue Pull
  • Beginner – Glue Pull with Slide Hammer
  • ROOF Hail Dent/Tool Giveaway Deep hail Dents
  • Beginner – Fender Dent
  • Beginner – Aluminum for Beginners
  • Beginner – Knockdowns
  • Beginner Body line Damage and bonus lessons!
  • All about Knockdowns Expanded
  • BEGINNER door dings quick lesson
  • Higher level beginner Body line damage, “one event” is the lesson here.
  • Leverage and tips Tips
  • Cold glue and you… strong language… all levels
  • Looking at crown flow. Intro to crown flow. ESSENTIAL for body lines and progressing to larger damage
  • Failure and how you deal with it. Fix your attitude, change your mind and change your life. Strong language.
  • Deeper bedside dent, look at cleanup of that last 10% and getting the “pit” out of deeper repairs. New format 7/29
  • Beginner Blending with Practice examples. PLEEEASE learn this skill. Underutilized extremely useful.
  • Don’t be a menace to your own Psyche while working on aluminum hoods. (or doors.)
  • Door DING Mega Lesson. Upper level beginner/intermediate door dings. Look at some new tools -announce others- discount Codes.
  • R&I redcaps with Fred Sheran
  • Fender Body line Ding with Kasper – what would you do?
  • 1 on 1 training. Tony with one week.
  • Whale tails and tight access. New format mini lesson.
  • Door dings, body lines and finishing. Great tips and tricks here.
  • Intermediate – Ri
  • Intermediate – Nasty Wholesale Body Line
  • Intermediate – Edge of Panel Dent
  • Intermediate – Edge Of Panel Techniques
  • Intermediate – Advanced Door
  • Intermediate – Jeep Cowl
  • Blending Skills. The Real Deal.
  • Hail Tips and Tricks
  • Body Line Dents difficult access
  • Quarter Panel Whack Dent/Map Study
  • Hatch Dent }{ Pressures }{ obstacles }{ Create your DENT map
  • Beginner/Intermediate Larger dent-Finishing
  • Aluminum Crease Dents Discussed
  • Hail Rail how to/ blending and pulling
  • DEEP hail dent/Tool Giveaway Sharp tips for shrinking
  • Pinchy Body lines. The SECRET
  • Repairing someone else’s bullsh+t work….. the lesson that shouldn’t have happened. Skip to 5 minutes to avoid rant. *strong language
  • Crown flow, pinchy little body lines add on!
  • Twisted new Subaru Body line Damage
  • Drill, Stanliner, Blend. quarter panel body line dent. New format… SOOO MUCH INFO- MUST WATCH
  • Glue Pull/ Tension Pull BODY LINES. Aluminum and Steel. Amazingly useful tip included GIVE AWAY AT THE END GOOD THROUGH 9-29-19
  • Real time. hail hood repair by request. If you want to see this you’ll appreciate it, if not gonna be long and boring. talk some finer points of hail business.
  • Kasper Clean repair.– How to stay clean, short look at the Hotbox, quarter panel damage. Kasper shows off what he’s learned and its a lot! Great Job Kasper.
  • Advanced – Black Fender
  • Advanced – Jeep Crease
  • Gate Smash part 1 – advanced glue pulling – stanliner techniques
  • Gate smash Pt 2. stanliner techniques – tuning – fine tuning – hammer work
  • Stabalizing Oil Canning dents without “magiciary” no need for expensive boxes, or to give up on a dent. This is how it’s done.
  • TRUCK BEDSIDE undoing previous PDR/Blending/CONCAVE panel light placement NEW LONGER FORMAT this one is packed!!!!
  • Huge Quarter panel smash. Great technique I have developed is the main topic here. NEW FORMAT
  • Bad Previous PDR Repair, sales, wholesale accounts.
  • Aluminum tail gate dent. Small, deep, awful. Kasper episode.
  • Quarter Kick – Must Watch
  • Super Tough 3 stretched aluminum Hail Bombs
  • Kia Optima Headliner.
  • Kia Optima Headliner.
  • Taking SH*t apart with Sheran…. 2016 Kia Sorento
  • Days work – HD 720p

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