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Other PDR courses can teach you bad habits, cause you to have gaps in your skills and knowledge, and leave you feeling frustrated and on your own.

The longer it takes to learn the right techniques and skills required to be a PDR professional, the longer you delay starting the PDR career you’ve always wanted. 

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We explain every step process so you don’t have to wonder if you’re doing it right.

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Our online courses are designed for busy professionals who need to learn when the time is right for them.

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We teach you the foundations of PDR so you have to confidence to take on any dent.

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We understand what it feels like trying to learn PDR. Standing on the outside looking in. Never sure if you’re doing it right. There is a better way to learn Paintless Dent Repair. Real World PDR Ultimate was created to be your man on the inside.  Helping you learn the skills and techniques needed to stand out in the industry. We’ve trained hundreds of PDR technicians to be successful and we can train you too.

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Jim is as masterful with his words as he is with his repairs. Being a seasoned tech I only wish I would have had someone to train me from the beginning that would have cut through all the nonsense and actually broke it down to the real usable knowledge. His videos are honest and packed with priceless repeatable knowledge, not only beginners but for any open minded tech that is willing to grow. His ability to verbally break down the process made me have a new view on large collision.
Tom Poland
Midwest Auto Dent Repair

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Paintless dent repair has a steep learning curve for most people just starting out. It can feel like you’re on the outside of the industry looking in. Real World PDR is your man on the inside making the secrets of how to do PDR accessible to you. So you can have the rewarding career you’ve always dreamed of.

At Real World PDR, we know that you want to be free to pursue the PDR career of your dreams. Or maybe you just want to be your own boss and set your own schedule. To do that, you need someone on the inside, who can teach you PDR faster than you could learn it on your own. The problem is Paintless Dent Repair has a steep learning curve, which makes you feel confused and afraid you’ll be taken advantage of by courses that don’t actually work. We believe It shouldn’t have to be this way and there should be a trusted resource where you can learn PDR. We understand what it feels like trying to learn PDR but feeling stuck on the outside looking in, which is why Real World PDR was created, to be your man on the inside.

Here’s how we do it:
Our online courses help you learn PDR, from the foundations to advanced techniques.
You’ll be able to practice each technique until you’ve mastered it.
Our courses will help you execute what you’ve learned with real customers.

So, sign up now for instant access. And in the meantime, download our free guide, The Tools You Need To Launch Your PDR Career. So you can stop struggling to learn on your own and instead quickly develop the skills you need to start your own rewarding PDR career.

Download our free resource: The Tools You Need To Launch Your PDR Career

This resource is our list of the tools we recommend for all techs starting out in PDR.

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